New Book: The Hopelessness of Humanism

The Warren Christian Apologetics Center has released a brand new title by Mac Deaver critiquing the shortcomings of the humanist outlook. Their website describes it: This 82 page book is a response to James A. Haught, Editor Emeritus of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia’s largest newspaper. For several decades, Haught has published materials advocating a… Read More New Book: The Hopelessness of Humanism

Refugees, the Great Commandment and Importing Islamic Terror

By Michael A. Hildreth After the Islamic terrorist attacks which have become ever more frequent in western countries, it is hardly believable that Christian preachers and leaders are calling for an increase of Muslim immigration to the United States. This is especially true among some vocal preachers in Churches of Christ. The blood spilling has… Read More Refugees, the Great Commandment and Importing Islamic Terror

Other Tongues

By Mac Deaver In John 8:43 the Lord once asked some of his contemporaries, “Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word” (ASV). The footnote shows that the Greek word translated “understand” is actually the word for “know.” The Lord was asking why it was that those who spoke… Read More Other Tongues


By Weylan Deaver Abel was the second person ever born, and the first victim of murder (see Gen. 4). A shepherd by trade, he died young at the hand of his older, wicked brother. Interestingly, Jesus includes Abel with the prophets (Luke 11:47-51). Abel is mentioned by name in only five chapters of the Bible,… Read More Abel