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Poetry: Trust Displaced

by J. Randal Matheny © 2013

Proverbs 29.26

Many seek a ruler’s face,
And plead his help for justice’ cause;
To find a verdict for a righteous case,
Seek out the Lord with perfect laws.

Trust in man is trust displaced,
For power corrupts in human hands;
No prayer of saints is ever erased
By God who rules angelic bands.

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O Gracious Light

By J. Randal Matheny

O gracious light, so pure and bright,
The Father everliving;
O Lord so blessed, the Christ of rest,
The Son of God is giving.

In darkest mist, the Lord was kissed,
Was killed, and plunged to prison,
He paid our debt, the dew is wet,
The Son of God is risen.

From Pentecost to all the lost,
The gospel cause is gaining;
The kingdom came, confess His name:
The Son of God is reigning.

The living Word, by Spirit stirred,
Sets worlds and hearts to burning;
With clouds and fire the saints desire
The Son of God returning.

For background to the poem, see this post on the Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry website.

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“For Man God Made”

by J. Randal Matheny

“God who richly provides us with all things for our enjoyment.” —1 Timothy 6:17 NET

For man God made the world and all
That it contains: the changing seas,
The hope of Spring, the hues of Fall,
The brooding rain, the bracing breeze;

The feathered birds to fly the skies,
The flowering plants, ferocious beasts,
The morning sun as farmers rise,
The work of hands, and happy feasts;

He carved the valleys, raised the heights,
From buried seeds, the towering trees;
And home’s embrace for peaceful nights —
For human joy did God make these.

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Echoes of Matthew 13

By J. Randal Matheny





To those who have, will more and more be given:
The Word explained, with heaven’s windows opened;
The willful blind and shuttered ear will lose
What others heard and saw as joyful news.

Ignorance is a hostile choice, rebellious,
Straining against the reins — supercilious;
No challenge to their sensibilities allowed,
The knowing fools hide in a synchronized crowd.

Breaking ranks requires courage and zeal,
To answer with a bundled life and kneel
Before the Man of truth, who gives the call
To discover more and find in God our all.

From his house spring treasures old and new,
The scribe draws out the hidden into view.
Christ calls the hearing to let the deaf condemn,
To leave the mob, and enter the house with him.