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Happy New Year

By Weylan Deaver

We wish all the readers a happy new year in 2013. There are many things out there to make us unhappy, if not miserable. There is only One who can make us happy, in spite of the world’s problems. His name is Jesus. He is our only hope, and the world’s. And yours. As he claimed, none get to God, unless they go through him (John 14:6). Jesus also said that his words (i.e. the New Testament) will judge all of us at the last day, including unbelievers (John 12:48). As a new year dawns, let us all determine that the God who made us is the God we will glorify by what we think, say, and do. The New Testament is as fresh and relevant today, as ever. If you’ve not obeyed the gospel (Acts 2:38), we’d like to talk to you about that. After all, living life as a Christian is the only real path to a truly happy new year!


preacher: Sherman Drive church of Christ | admin: | adjunct prof.: Tennessee Bible College | southpaw | tunesmith (ASCAP) | hunter | Texan | alumnus Southwest School of Bible Studies, Freed-Hardeman University (B.A.), Bear Valley Bible Institute (M.B.S.)

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